Friday, October 12, 2007

Yes bob marley makes a good point. If you are pro life it does limit your freedom as an american. You are not able to make a choice in your that is a HUGE decision. You are bringing another human being into the world and that child needs love and care. If you can not support it then, you should have the choice on whether to keep it or not. That is why pro-life is not a good side to be on.

Well hearth35, since you say women are so indecisive then they just need to step up and face the fact that they are having a child. And whether they can care for that child should be up to them, not the law. They are an adult and can make choices on their own, and do not need people like the government making choices for them. It is something that needs to be done on her own.


Anonymous said...

When circumstances would make it hard for a women to keep and care for a child, there is another option besides aborting the baby--adoption.

Anonymous said...

Well, im just gonnna say that these are not grown women! Many are young girls, which normally are stressing out over what to wear to school in the mornig. So making the decision to "kill the baby" as u say it is a little too adult for them to handel. And if a home is not fit for a child to live in than the goverment should take the child out of that home. There are so many terrible things that can happen to young children. rape by fathers, drug addicted parents, no home for the child to live in, so many situations that can ruin lives