Monday, October 15, 2007

Abortion and the Churches

Abortion and the churches have never been on the same page. The church believes that abortion is "grave evil" and they also feel that it is murder on something that never has a chance to defend itself. But do you really think it should have a chance to defend itself? Thats why i think that it is up to the mother to be able to make that choice on her own and choose if the child should live or if it should be destroyed? That is my question to the audience: What do you think should be done and how do you feel about mothers having the choice to play god and decide if something should live or die?


Anonymous said...

Shall I make this complicated? Yes i shall. Okay then Mr. KGoods, perhaps the right of abortions depends upon the moment at which an unborn child is considered human, or part of society. Certainly, if the unborn child is regarded as part of the mother, merely an extension in the womb, then it is certainly up to the mother, for it is only her body, health and decision that is of concern. BUT, if the baby were to have the same rights to life as does any other aged person, then to take its life without chance of being born may as well be considered a form a murder. For who says that the baby could have a chance at a good life, despite the conditions in which the mother lives. Should humanity give that unborn child that right? Perhaps you can elaborate on that.
Btw, how's throwing going?! Roflmao.

-That kid, PPark

Elizabeth said...

I am really pro-choice. There are to many situations in which the mother needs to be able to make the choice. What if she was married but thought that the child was going to be born into a abusive home. Although like is sacred a child shouldn't be born into a home where life wouldn't be good. Who would will that on anyone?

Anonymous said...

I think that if the goverment can charege a murderer for a double homicide when a women is pregnat that right there says that the child has rights. For if they belived the child was not a life a conception and that only after birth was it truely alive than no man should be charged with the murder of a fetus. Now doesn't that sound just a little ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting point there, but of course, i'll admit that i believe that a child in the fetus can be considered a human past a certain point, despite not having been born yet. That's why i'm also more towards pro-choice, but only when done early enough. A trimester abortion unless absolutely neccesary for the sake of the mother or others should not be done.

-Once again PPark

PS. Come on KGoods! RESPOND BACK, i wanna see you spin!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Mr. PPark. Maybe abortions should be done on a case by case basis.

KGoods said...

its already legal so there is no need to go case by case and it is not born into the real world and is attached to the mother so it is a part of her body so it is up to her to make all of the decisions for things that pertain to her body.