Sunday, October 28, 2007

If pro-choice is the only way to go, what will happen to America?

If we let pro-choice become the only way for someone to have an adoption, then we are eliminating all of the chances for those babies to be born, thus decreasing the population in the country. This will have its pros and cons because if we let all women get rid of all of their unwanted babies, then we are basically saying go ahead get rid of your mistakes. We can not always make everyone happy so some people are just going to have to suffer through the pain of having a child and step up and become an adult and raise a child the way it should be. If we let pro-life become the only way to talk about an abortion, then we are letting all of the people who feel abortion is wrong finally having their say. They will define on what they feel and when they think a baby is actually a human so they will convince people who want to have an abortion and swaying them to keep the baby so they do not have to go through that terrible feeling of giving up a child or known as a abortion.

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Robert Marley said...

Decreasing the population should not be a factor on whether laws should be made about abortion. The population is already growing exponentially. The question of abortion should more be focused on whether our values as Americans support a rights restrictive, but more humane pro-life stance or a non restrictive pro-choice stance.