Sunday, November 4, 2007


I have come a long way as a thinker and a writer when it comes to the topic of abortion. I started off by just knowing some basics facts on what abortion is. But over these past few weeks and after all of the research i have done about abortion, my knowledge about has grown immensely. I have learned about both sides of the argument on if abortion should be legal or illegal and if you are pro choice or pro life. I started off believing in pro choice and have stuck with that being my choice, but i have looked at being pro life to see what possibilities that can bring and to see why people feel that being pro life is a better decision than pro choice. I learned that being pro life saves many lives and preserves women of having to go through such a horrible procedure that being an abortion. It also prevents women of having the possible mental scars of giving up your child. Many women can experience depression as one of the side effects after an abortion.

On the other side, being pro choice many people criticize because they feel as your "murdering" a human, but is it really a human? People all have different beliefs when a fetus is considered a human. That is all it is, peoples opinion, there is no scientific evidence to prove when a fetus is considered human, just when it comes out of the mothers womb is when it should be called a human being because thats when it is finally separated from the mother and can survive on its own without the help of the mothers womb to support its life. The roman catholic churches along with the bible state that they are totally against a women having a abortion because it goes against everything they believe in and what GOD believes in. Another point that needs to be made is that it should be up to the women and ONLY the women. The federal government needs to have no involvement in this debate, they will only just make things more complicated.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Class Links

I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog and responded with comments that have help guided me on the topic of abortion. If you have read and liked my blog, then you should appreciate these blogs below.
This blog is focused on the seperation of church and state. This topic can have alot of controversy because people have different views and beliefs about the church and state. America was built on having people all from different religious beliefs and backgrounds as so the writer states in her blog. But the writer does a great job of discussing what the difference is between church and state and how our country is still run by peoples religious beliefs because no one can take that away.
This blog is about global warming and how it affects the earth today. It is really important to know what is happening to earth and how bad we are treating it. This blog demonstrates and illustrates what us as humans are doing to harm earth and also tells us what we could possibly do to help slow this process of global warming down because if this continues there is not going to be a earth left.
This blog focuses on lowering the drinking age to 18. The writer does a good job on arguing why this is a good idea. One reason that he states that penalties for people caught drunk driving would be substantialy increased than from what they are today. So that might keep people from driving drunk. This is a good blog to read because of the argument it presents. There are alot of people out there that believe the drinking age needs to be lowered and this writer does a wonderful job on explaining why.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Theory on abortion

The way abortion is in America today, you say to yourself, there must be a way that we can end this matter or at least come to terms with one side or the other. The two sides in abortion, pro-life and pro-choice are very heated topics. People on the pro-life side feel that you must do whatever you possibly can to keep the baby alive and breathing. Rather than being pro-choice and letting the women themselves decide if they are capable of having a baby or if they should just go ahead and terminate the pregnancy completely.

As Americans, we should be able to come up with a solution on how to come to peace terms and finally agree on a side rather than have two opposing ends always going head to head. This is not going to happen overnight, but we need to put into some thought on how this needs to end soon or the split between being pro life and pro choice is just going to grow further apart and will be harder to reach an agreement in the long run.

I think that we should come up with some basic rules on when it is necessary for a women to have an abortion. For example, maybe if she can barely take care of herself and there is no possible way for her to support this child, then it should be ok to terminate the fetus. Possibly maybe the women was raped and does not want this evil child because that is the way she would feel about it in this world today. So if we can come to an agreement on both sides or meet somewhere along the middle, hopefully we can end this feud between these opposing sides and can become one.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

If pro-choice is the only way to go, what will happen to America?

If we let pro-choice become the only way for someone to have an adoption, then we are eliminating all of the chances for those babies to be born, thus decreasing the population in the country. This will have its pros and cons because if we let all women get rid of all of their unwanted babies, then we are basically saying go ahead get rid of your mistakes. We can not always make everyone happy so some people are just going to have to suffer through the pain of having a child and step up and become an adult and raise a child the way it should be. If we let pro-life become the only way to talk about an abortion, then we are letting all of the people who feel abortion is wrong finally having their say. They will define on what they feel and when they think a baby is actually a human so they will convince people who want to have an abortion and swaying them to keep the baby so they do not have to go through that terrible feeling of giving up a child or known as a abortion.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Abortion facts and ways around abortions.

  2. 1.

The Church and Abortion
Abortion Statistics
Abortion and the Government
Abortion and possible effects after one
Abortion Blogs
These are the websites that i feel are important to look at and where i have gotten some of my information from.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When most abortions occur and their safety

Most abortions occur if you choose to have one during the first trimester which is up through twelve weeks of pregnancy. About 90 percent occur during this time. The procedure itself is called suction aspiration and is seven-ten times safer then regular child birth and lasts only five minutes. The surgery is a low risk complication surgery and you should be able to return to normal in a few days.

If you choose and wait to have an abortion during the second trimester which is from 13-24 weeks, then you are putting yourself in a much greater risk. The surgery is called dilation and evacuation. This is much more dangerous because you have given the baby more time to develop and it will be more complicated to remove and could put yourself in danger. Now insted of a five minute operation, it can now take up to two-three days to remove the baby and requires a longer stay in the hospital or medical facility

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ways to prevent abortions

Women can take the proper steps to even avoid having to go through an abortion. First step would be for women who are not ready to have a baby should always use protection during sex. There is no other method to avoid an unwanted pregnancy besides abstinence that will prevent you from having a child you are not ready for so you do not have to go through an abortion.

Another way women can help prevent an abortion would be to use the morning after pill or known as the emergency contraception pill. After having unprotected sex and you fear that you are going to become pregnant, you should go to the nearest clinic or pharmacy and pick this up as it is available over the counter. As long as used within the meet requirements, usually within 72 hours after having unprotected sex, the pill will terminate any possible chance of a sperm penetrating into an egg so a women can not become pregnant.