Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Issues on Abortion

My issues on abortion are as followed. There are two sides to every story, and the two sides in the debate over abortion is that you can be pro-life of pro-choice. Abortion is done worldwide, it is not just happening around here, even though most countries around the world see abortion as illegal and if caught you will be punished. I am pro-choice because i feel that you should have the choice to do whatever you feel like doing. Like in the constitution, it says that everyone has their own freedoms like freedom of speech. But even that has a limit. You cannot say fire in a movie theater full of people, but why should a women have to keep a child if she does not want it? Who should get to decide this, the women or the government? Abortions happen in 15-40 percent of all pregnancies. Whether it is a induced pregnancy or if it is a misscarrage it still happens and we can not do anything about it. Abortions can be done in two stages, either in the first trimester(up to twelve weeks) or the second trimester(from thirteen to twenty four weeks).

Having an induced abortion is usually non painful in most cases, but abortions can be done without surgery, there are pills that you can take as well and get the same effect. If you do not even want to get this far, after you have unprotected sex and are in fear that you will become pregnant, there is the emergency contraception pill you can take within 72 hours after having sex. Women can also take birth control to help prevent becoming pregnant. Abortion should be done correctly in a safe environment. This can not always be done in countries with a low income. A lot of people have been known to do abortions in alleyways and sometimes in their own home. This is not very safe and leads to a lot of deaths because the operation is not done correctly. Around 219 women die each day from illegal abortions. There are about 46 million abortions per year throughout the world. People have even compared abortion deaths and war deaths. The civil war had about 400,000 deaths, and since 1973, there has been about 35 million deaths from abortions.

Some women may need counseling after going through such a big decision in their life. Thats ok, there are many clinics throughout the world that are there just for that reason, to help guide them through and in some cases can even talk them out of having an abortion. Women have been known to go through some tough psychological effects of having an abortion and some studies have found long term stress found up to five years later. But many women are able to overcome this and move on in life. Women may ask the doctors if having an abortion is safe. The answer is yes, if it is done within the first twelve weeks, its very minor surgery and the whole procedure takes about five minutes.

The churches have their own position on abortion. The Roman Catholic Church has been totally against the legalization of abortion and have even gone to congress and stated that they do not believe in abortion. They feel that it is murder and some have found in the bible that it is a "grave evil" to do such a thing to an innocent human before it has the chance to defend itself.

People can argue as much as they like about abortion, but what it comes down to is whether or not the state and federal government agree. In most states, for example in the south are against abortion and in the east they feel either or is correct so they are in the middle. I think that it should be up the federal government to decide nationally if abortion should be legal or illegal and should not be left up to the states. Just like we vote for the president, we should be able to vote on whether abortion is legal or illegal.


Veronica said...

Kyle I totally agree with you that a woman has a choice to whether she wants to keep it or not. Like if she has a health issues, it can affect her in many ways and death can be one. Also persay if she was raped, yeah I know everyone deserves a chance to live but who wants a reminder everyday that you were raped?? Woudl u want to wake up and se that man in your childs eyes and constantly be reminded of that terible moment?? That is my point of view on abortion. I used to be against but then i realized everyone shoudl have a choice on what they want to do in life.

Anonymous said...

In response to veronica: Did you also know that an abortion can also cause death to the women? There are about twenty cases a year and although that is a minute number it still does occer in a procedure that is performed so often that there should be no deaths. Also you have the opportunity to put your child up for adoption, and hence would not have to see the child ever again or the man who raped you in its eyes.

KGoods said...

yes i know that it may cause death to the women themselves, but you do not know if they took the right care for themselves and put themselves in good position to be able to go through an abortion at that time. The death rate is so small that it is not something that you do not need to worry about it happens that rarely